7 June 2019


Workplace Bullying


Suzanne McKie KC quoted in the Financial Times

Suzanne McKie QC was quoted by the Financial Times regarding delays over bullying complaints at KPMG, one of the ‘Big Four’ accounting firms.

Suzanne commented:

The outcomes aren’t tough enough. I am seeing a lot of final written warnings and not a lot of dismissals, and sometimes that is because [the alleged perpetrators] are big earners. My sense is that companies are not going far enough and need to be tougher with the penalties they are meting out. There is a lack of understanding of the drip drip drip effect of bullying and harassment. I see very strong people coming to me and saying I cannot cope — I can’t go through the front door. And they’ve been there for 30 years.”

The relevant FT article is available here.

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