Farore Law - Mini Guides

Farore Law Mini Guide for Start-up Founders

The purpose of this mini-guide is to set out ways to protect a start-up from Founder disputes at the moment of incorporation. It also highlights potential risks arising from a departing Founder.

Calculating Time under the Equality Act 2010

This presentation discusses stopping the clock under ACAS EC and grants of additional time to present an ET1.

Criminal Law for Employment Lawyers

Farore Law produced a version of this Mini Guide to assist operators of the Rights of Women advice line for those who have experienced (or are experiencing) sexual harassment at work. Topics include anonymity in the Employment Tribunal, police access to notes and phone records, DSAR applications, and employers’ responsibilities.


This Mini Guide explains the difference between libel and slander, and explores the use of the absolute privilege defence – including in cases concerning allegations made in court that are not yet public.

Harassment claims and offences

This Mini Guide provides a detailed introduction to harassment claims and offences under the Equality Act 2010, the Protection from Harassment Act 1997, the Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001, and the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005.

Privacy and anonymity in court for victims of sexual abuse: when is it available?

This Mini Guide explains the legal basis for a sexual abuse victim’s right to lifelong press anonymity, as well as for witnesses in sexual crime cases. It also looks into instances when this right may be waived.

Setting aside settlement agreements

This Mini Guide explores the bases on which a settlement agreement (also known as an ‘NDA’ or ‘confidentiality agreement’) may be set aside. It also explains what kind of rights may be waived through their use.

Sexual abuse and sexual harassment cases: anonymity in the courts and tribunals

This Mini Guide explores the right to anonymity for victims and witnesses in sexual abuse cases in more detail, including the procedure involved and with regard to cases of sexual abuse and harassment in the workplace.

Vicarious liability

This Mini Guide explores the concept of vicarious liability with reference to two key Supreme Court cases..

Without prejudice

This Mini Guide introduces the concept of the ‘without prejudice’ rule and its exceptions.