10 August 2020


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Suzanne McKie KC quoted by BNN Bloomberg on sexism in banking

Suzanne McKie QC, Founder and Managing Director of Farore Law, has been quoted by BNN Bloomberg regarding the use of sexist language in the workplace following a trial involving Barclays Bank. Although openly using sexist language has reduced since the #MeToo movement started, it is still prevalent.

Bloomberg reports that sexist comments were made by several Barclays bankers during the 2008 financial crisis period. Some of the bank’s best-paid employees referred to financier Amanda Staveley as a “tart,” “dolly-bird,” and “foxy blonde” while negotiating a deal to save the bank during the crash, which were revealed through recorded conversations during a recent London trial that has focused the spotlight on such ‘locker-room’ talk.

The article emphasises that gender diversity in the UK financial industry has not improved greatly since 2005 and that the ‘alpha male’ mentality is still very much apparent. Suzanne McKie QC supports this view by expressing that she does not be believe that locker room talk has diminished: “If you tolerate something that might be described as lower-level banter, then that banter will increase. Then it will get to a point where, because it’s tolerated, harassment could follow.”

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Source: BNN Bloomberg

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