17 June 2020




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Suzanne McKie QC quoted by Bloomberg on workplace misconduct at home

Suzanne McKie QC, Founder and Managing Director of Farore Law, has been quoted by Bloomberg regarding workplace misconduct which has continued even as people work from home during the pandemic lockdown.

The article reports that despite ideas that workplace harassment and discrimination would cease in light of working from home, the current pandemic lockdown has “displaced it at best and fueled it at worst.”

Suzanne McKie QC acknowledges that workplace bullying has increased in some instances. Among other things, she has noted the following from clients:

  • Intimidation has not been physical, but it has moved to WhatsApp and text messages on personal phones. These are equally (if not more) difficult for employers to monitor;

  • There has been a distinct increase in complaints of gender harassment and racial intimidation. For example, clients have reported being excluded from meetings and bullied over video calls;

  • Managers have used furlough as a form of bullying minorities, either by forcing them to take it or by denying the option when it has been requested; and

  • Some firms have postponed investigations into harassment cases due to the pandemic.

The full article is available to view here. For further press enquiries, please contact Suzanne McKie directly.

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