11 November 2019


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Suzanne McKie KC quoted by The Northern Echo re. Mike Hill

The Northern Echo has reported the fact that former Hartlepool MP Mike Hill is still under investigation folllwing sexual harassment claims against one of Farore Law’s clients.

Despite the ongoing investigation, by police as well as Parliamentary standards, the Northern Echo notes that Mr. Hill, who has ‘completely rejected’ the allegations, has had the Labour whip restored by the party and has also been re-selected as candidate for Hartlepool. It quoted Suzanne McKie QC as follows:

Our client made a complaint to the Labour Party specialist sexual misconduct unit, but the manner of their handling it, including the failure to advise our client of key steps, caused our client to ask the Labour Party to park the complaint until the ICGS had completed its investigation.

Instead of doing so it treated the complaint as if withdrawn and lifted the suspension of Mike Hill without advising our client. Mike Hill then released a story implying his exoneration, or that the matter was over. It is far from over.

Source: The Northern Echo

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