23 March 2021


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Suzanne McKie KC quoted by BBC News on Labour Party failing Tribunal Claimant

Suzanne McKie QC, Founder and Managing Director of Farore Law, has been quoted by BBC News regarding the Labour Party’s failure to support the claimant in the sexual harassment claim against the now former MP Mike Hill. The final hearing is due to be held at Central London Employment Tribunal in May 2021.

BBC reports that the Labour Party said it took claims of sexual harassment “extremely seriously.” Suzanne McKie QC says that the Labour Party had a duty of care, but that both Mr Corbyn and current leader Sir Keir Starmer had failed to offer support to the claimant.

She has expressed that the claimant had “experienced significant distress, lost employment, and had not had access to counselling”. Suzanne McKie QC further said: “Categorically nothing has happened. We haven’t had any support shown in the direction of my client at all,” and that from the Labour Party there has been “radio silence.“

For further press enquiries, please contact Suzanne McKie directly.

Source: BBC News

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