22 March 2023


Sexual Misconduct / Harassment

Parliamentary Scandals


Help Ms A in her employment dispute against Mike Hill MP

We at Farore Law have acted for Ms A in her employment dispute against Mike Hill MP. Ms A succeeded in the liability hearing in May 2021, where EJ Joffe upheld Ms A’s sexual harassment and victimisation claims against Mike Hill MP. Significantly, the Tribunal made a series of findings that Ms A was sexually assaulted by Mike Hill MP.

The Employment Tribunal then awarded Ms A £434,435.39 in the Remedies Judgment dated 16 May 2022. Despite this, Mr Hill failed to pay Ms A and has since been acting uncooperative and evasive by refusing to inform Ms A how he intends to make payment.

As a result of Mr Hill’s conduct, Ms A had no choice but to take steps to enforce her Tribunal judgment against him by commencing County Court proceedings. A hearing is set to take place in April 2023, where Mr Hill will be required to attend court to provide information about his finances. However, Ms A will then be required to make more applications to enforce the Tribunal Judgment against his assets or salary, which will be a very time consuming and expensive process.

Ms A is a person of limited financial means and is therefore unable to incur more legal expenses. However, she is determined to hold Mr Hill into account and ensure that he learns the consequences of his actions.

Any contribution from you will make all the difference for Ms A to allow her to continue exploring ways of enforcing her Tribunal Judgment against Mr Hill. Importantly, your contribution will allow justice to be done. If you are interested in supporting Ms A, please see her crowdjustice page in the link below.

Support my sexual harassment case against Mike Hill MP (crowdjustice.com)

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