23 November 2020


Sexual Harassment

Sexual Misconduct / Harassment

Women’s Rights

Rights of Women launch new online survey about women’s experiences of sexual harassment in the workplace

Rights of Women, a charity which empowers women through the law, have launched a new online survey to find out if women’s experiences of sexual harassment at work have been impacted by the shift in working patterns in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although many women have been working from home for the majority of the past year, this has arguably not stopped or decreased the number of work-based sexual harassment cases reported. We have seen that this has included cyber harassment as well as perpetrators taking advantage of there being fewer witnesses in the office.

The responses from this anonymous survey will be used in ROW’s continuous campaign to increase women’s access to justice.

For more information and to take part in the survey, click here.

Learn more about Rights of Women on their website.

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