19 May 2022


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On May 19th 2022, Farore Law’s case [Ms A vs Mike Hill] was mentioned in an online article in ‘Guido Fawkes’. Read the article below.


Yesterday afternoon the judgement in Ms A’s employment tribunal case against Mike Hill, the former Labour MP for Hartlepool, was finally handed down. Ms A has been awarded compensation of £435,000 for Hill’s sexual harassment of her and the termination of her employment. Unfortunately for Hill, his defence lawyers have used almost all of the taxpayer-funded IPSA insurance policy cover, so the claim will fall on him personally. It is unlikely that he has the funds or assets to pay the award. Hill will therefore be facing potential personal bankruptcy. Ms A’s lawyers are also looking to claim against the Labour Party to whom she complained about the sexual harassment she was suffering, and who she believes did nothing to help or protect her. Co-conspirators may recall that the then Shadow Minister Kate Hollern had to quit Starmer’s front bench following testimony made to the employment tribunal that she tried to intimidate a witness as part of a cover-up.

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen accused Hollern of warning him not to get involved in the harassment case after the parliamentary staffer informed him of allegations of sexual impropriety. In her witness statement Ms A said:

“Andrew Bridgen called me to tell me that Kate Hollern had approached him in parliament and pulled him to one side. Mr Bridgen told me Ms Hollern tried to warn him off from helping me by using scare tactics. Ms Hollern said that many in the Labour Party were of the opinion that Mr Bridgen and I were having an affair and she advised him to keep away from me as it would be a shame if it got out in the papers as he had a lovely wife and new baby – Mr Bridgen told her she was talking nonsense and to go away.”

Hollern, still a serving MP, had to resign after Bridgen gave evidence for Ms A that Hollern tried to intimidate him to dissuade him from supporting Ms A. Speaking to Guido this morning Bridgen says:

“I am delighted that the employment tribunal has awarded Ms A considerable compensation for what must have been intolerable treatment by her employer. … It cannot be just that her award is not discharged in full especially given she was the victim of sexual harassment as a result of her employment in Parliament. If the award is not discharged in full it would also send a terrible message to any other member of an MPs staff who find themselves in a similar situation.”

The history of serial cover-up attempts by the Labour Party in this case is particularly shameful…

Source: https://order-order.com/2022/05/19/breaking-employment-tribunal-awards-ms-a-435000-over-sexual-harassment-at-the-hands-of-former-labour-mp-mike-hill/

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