8 July 2021


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Ms A succeeds in harassment and victimisation claims against former Labour MP Mike Hill

The Employment Tribunal yesterday handed down its judgment in our client, Ms A’s, case against Mike Hill MP, which was heard over 8 days in May 2021. The ET has upheld Ms A’s complaints of sexual assault, harassment and victimisation against Mr Hill.  This came after a long battle for justice.

Mr Hill resigned as an MP earlier this year.

Ms A worked with Mr Hill from November 2017 until September 2019, when her services were terminated. In short, she alleged that Mr Hill had subjected her to a campaign of sexual harassment, numerous sexual assaults, and many acts of detrimental treatment as a result of her rejecting his sexual advances and saying that she was going to seek legal advice in relation to his actions.

 Employment Judge (EJ) Joffe upheld every element of Ms A’s claims for harassment, including multiple sexual assaults, some of which occurred in Mr Hill’s parliamentary office at Westminster. EJ Joffe also upheld Ms A’s claims for harassment on the grounds of sex, including an incident where Mr Hill had forced the Claimant to pretend they did not know each other in front of Mr Hill’s wife. EJ Joffe also found that the Claimant had been victimised by Mr Hill in a number of respects, including the termination of her services. In its reasoning, the Tribunal particularly relied upon recordings of conversations between Ms A and Mr Hill in which the allegations of sexual harassment and assault were put to him and he did not deny them.

 Of his credibility, EJ Joffe noted that Mr Hill has misled a number of people in the course of the events to which the proceedings related, these included Ms A herself, his office manager, and his wife. These lies included hiding the fact that he was flat-sharing with Ms A – a situation the Tribunal found that he had manipulated Ms A into – from his other employees and his wife. In contrast, the Tribunal found no examples of occasions where the Claimant had been untruthful.

 A remedy hearing to determine the compensation to be awarded to Ms A will be held in November of this year.

 Farore Law has acted as Ms A’s solicitor since June 2019.

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