29 October 2019



Parliamentary Scandals

Labour MP Mike Hill at work despite sexual harassment inquiry

The Sunday Times has reported on Mike Hill, a Labour MP who has had the whip restored despite an ongoing investigation into his behaviour. The relevant news excerpt is reproduced below. The online version of the article is also available here.

Labour MP at work despite sex inquiry

Labour has been engulfed in a fresh crisis over its handling of sexual harassment allegations after the party restored the whip to an MP despite a continuing investigation into his behaviour.

The alleged victim has also now revealed for the first time details of the allegations against Mike Hill, MP for Hartlepool, who was suspended by the party in September. He had the whip restored this month.

Hill, who is married, is alleged to have “sexually harassed and sexually assaulted” the woman at his Westminster office.

In a statement from the alleged victim’s law firm, Farore Law, he is accused of “fondling her breasts, touching her bottom and pressing against her”. Hill has said that he “completely rejected” the allegations.

The woman, who became unhappy with Labour’s handling of her case, asked the party to halt its investigations until a Commons inquiry by the Independent Complaints and Grievance Scheme (ICGS) is completed.

She accused Labour of treating the complaint as if it had been “withdrawn” by lifting Hill’s suspension.

The woman now intends to take Hill to an employment tribunal.

The Labour Party said it took all complaints “extremely seriously”. Under party rules, investigations are paused if an inquiry is being conducted by another body.

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