20 May 2022


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Ms A vs Mike Hill

On 19th May 2022 ITV News published an article mentioning Farore Law in relation its involvement with the Ms A vs Mike Hill case. Read the article below.

Ex-Hartlepool MP Mike Hill ordered to pay £430,000 damages to woman he sexually assaulted

A former Labour MP for Hartlepool has been ordered to pay £434,435 in damages to a former parliamentary worker who he sexually assaulted, harassed and victimised.

An employment tribunal ruled against Mike Hill in July last year, and has now set out the compensation his victim is entitled to.

Hill became the MP for Hartlepool in June 2017, and resigned in March 2021. 

The woman worked at Westminster and is referred to as Ms A to protect her identity.

She told the tribunal that Hill’s actions have had a profound psychological impact on her.

He has also now been ordered to do training about sexual harassment in the workplace.

Shadow Minister Kate Hollern resigned from her post last May after the employment tribunal heard she had tried to “isolate” Ms A from support when she spoke to others about Hill’s actions.

In July last year, Hill was also found to have breached parliament’s sexual misconduct policy.

Farore Law, who represented Ms A, said: “Our client is very pleased by the decision, and thanks the Tribunal for the significant award that has been made in her favour.

“Her ability to enforce this has become difficult because the insurance policy provided by the House of Commons (to cover legal fees and damages) has been depleted by the legal fees of Mr Hill.

“We will now look to the House of Commons and the Labour Party for their response to this injustice and their proposed resolution.”

Source: ITV News

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