11 July 2019


Sexual Harassment



Government Equalities Office launches consultation on sexual harassment at work

The Government Equalities Office has recently launched a new consultation on sexual harassment in the workplace. The consultation will explore whether the current law provides sufficient protection, consider if there are any gaps, and what more can be done at a practical level to ensure people are properly protected at work.

This consultation is split into two parts: (1) a set of online questions designed for anyone to respond to, and (2) a more technical document that invites views on the law. Both individuals and organisations are encouraged to submit their views. Responses from the following are of particular interest:

  • anyone with experience of sexual harassment or other types of discrimination at work;

  • anyone who is or has been a volunteer/intern and who has experience of sexual harassment or any other type of discrimination;

  • anyone who has managed or supported someone who has experienced sexual harassment or other types of discrimination at work; and/or

  • anyone who has thought about taking a case of any type of discrimination or harassment to an employment tribunal.

To submit your views, or learn more about the consultation, click here.

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