10 March 2020


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CALL FOR DONATIONS: Help stop women being denied justice after rape (End Violence Against Women Coalition )

The End Violence Against Women Coalition today launched a major CrowdJustice fundraising drive as in just 7 days (on 17 March 2020) it will face the Crown Prosecution Service (“CPS”) at the High Court, where senior judges will consider the admissibility of their case claiming the CPS has “raised the bar” on rape charging decisions and is discriminating against and harming women.

The Coalition is supported by its lawyers at the Centre for Women’s Justice (an organisation proudly supported by Farore Law). It has already raised around £30,000 since it began the case last summer. However, it is launching this fundraiser due to the unusual way in which the case is to be heard, which leaves the Coalition at risk of being required to pay the CPS’ costs in full. A video from Harriet Wistrich, Founding Director of the CWJ, explains the situation below:



If you are able to donate – whether again, or for the first time – please consider doing so via the Coalition’s CrowdJustice page.

Much of the money already pledged was given in £10 and £20 sums from women leaving messages including: 

  • “I want change. Because I won’t get justice for what was done to me.”

  • “I think my case is about to be dropped. I’m not an innocent-enough victim. If they take my phone they’ll find my sexual history which has been wild and joyful but I know they’ll use it against me. I think they’ll use all their resources to suggest a woman like me can’t be raped. But I was raped.”

  • “I myself have been let down by our justice system and support other women who have also been grievously let down too. The way this crime is considered is out of date, unfair and completely unjust. Thank you for standing up for every victim.”

  • “Thank you for standing up for me, no one will ever pay for the abuse done to me, except me for the rest of my life.”

  • “This needs to be fought. Thank you for doing it for all of us.”

End Violence Against Women Coalition

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