What are Restrictive Covenants?

Restrictive covenants can be in place to restrict the activities of a former employee or partner after their employment/partnership/membership has terminated.

These clauses often prevent such a person, for a fixed period of time after their employment/partnership ends, from:

Importantly, the courts will only enforce such clause if it is reasonably necessary to protect a legitimate interest of the business/partnership. In addition, your contract of employment/LLP Agreement may include a provision that off-sets any time spent during garden leave with the length of time that you are expected to comply with the post-termination non-compete clause.

Share Purchase Agreements can also contain non-compete clauses/restrictive covenants – and given the nature of the relationship such restrictions may be easier to enforce. Whether you breach restrictive covenants may be relevant to any definition of bad leaver in any LTIPs.

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